Codemodity Participates in SiGMA Malta 2019

Sigma 2019
November 12, 2019

SiGMA’s iGaming expo is the largest event of its kind for online gambling. Codemodity had the honor of hosting an iGathering dinner with some of the biggest names from the online gaming industry during the expo.

Our team was present for the extravagant affair where we got to meet and network with hundreds of C-level executives, influencers and decision makers in a relaxed environment. It turns out that this was a fantastic opportunity for everyone from the industry to come together, find common ground and create avenues for forging bigger, better deals in the process.

A Toast To Growth And Progress

Attila Papp and Peter Bognar, the founders of Codemodity used this opportunity to discuss critical issues that concern the industry, shedding light on new developments and processes that hope to revolutionize the way business is done in 2020 and beyond.

As part of this networking event, aka iGathering Dinner Malta 2019, we had the opportunity to discuss some creative ideas with leading professionals from multiple industries in an informal setting.

SiGMA iGaming 2019 – The Event In A Nutshell

SiGMA is dedicated to developing future technologies and finding new ways to capitalize on them.

This was the perfect platform for smaller startups with groundbreaking ideas to get exposure in this industry – and hundreds of them were given free floor space during the show by SiGMA.

The best part about this event was meeting software and gaming professionals from across the globe. There was an open and friendly exchange of information and the beginning of many productive business relationships – all in hopes of bridging gaps in online markets for the future.

Some gaming manufacturers offered demos and discussed ways to improve features while others provided a sneak peek of what they are working on.

All in all, it was a highly engaging event, especially for gaming manufacturers and B2B software providers like us, who managed to secure multiple business meetings from the event about iOS app development.