Codemodity Launches Gamification Platform

Tournament illustration
August 17, 2021

Codemodity, specialising in creating software solutions for the online gambling industry has rolled out a real-time gamification platform. In addition to its unique front-end design, the platform offers advanced tournament features for optimizing player engagement, acquisition, and retention.

Codemodity’s Gamification Platform gives you the power to offer an exceptional player experience across all of your gaming verticals.

Attila Papp, CEO of Codemodity, adds: “Codemodity offers an out-of-the-box yet fully customizable tournament solution that drives loyalty according to your KPIs and helps you stand out from the crowd. Connect tournaments to any games you choose, fully configure each tournament, and determine how players are rewarded. The platform easily integrates with any platform via APIs for a hassle-free marketing solution.“

If you are interested in improving your gamification process and attracting new casino players, reach out today.